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Gourmet  Frozen Convenience


For Food-Service and Home Use

"We bring Chef quality solutions straight to you!"


Passion for Food


Liv'On Services has a vast and well-rounded experience within the food industry, spanning across both Industrial Production and Retail sectors. Drawing from both these strengths, Liv'On is dedicated to developing innovative products for the Food-Service and Retail channels.

Food culture is strongly embedded in the DNA of the company and its people. With this at heart, Liv'On has created a premium line of specialty convenience food products to answer the daily needs of professional and end consumer needs.

Liv’On is on a constant quest for refreshing new and innovative ideas that can re-generate the overall food experience, while maintaining high quality standards and making it easy and accessible to all.

"We are passionate about

food and believe the journey makes the difference... 

a journey that awakens all senses and creates unique experiences!"



The Products


Liv'On supports the philosophy that all good food begins with simple, yet quality, ingredients!

The Liv'On product assortment is carefully crafted with esteemed international chefs to provide innovative products with unique flavour combinations. Each product is made by hand and boasts an elegant appearance and a high level of convenience, is easy to prepare, and serve.

All products are deep frozen to preserve the high quality and taste standards of the natural ingredients, and to eliminate unnecessary waste, cost, and preparation time.

The products are designed to provide quality solutions to all Food-Service segments and even bring a touch of fine dining elegance to home users.

Easy to use, with time & cost saving attributes, these products make high-end restaurant quality food accessible to all! 

“You don't need a silver fork to eat good food.” 

- Paul Proudhomme -


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